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Bitdefender anti ransomware solutions

Ransomware is here to stay

Ransomware has been a lucrative business for a long time, generating billions in paid ransom notes for cybercriminals. Now that there's an established business case for ransomware profitability, criminal ventures are looking for ways to make even more money off their investment. And that’s increasingly going to keep organizations in their crosshairs.

The Ransomware Threat

Ransomware Impact

Average Ransom
21 days
Average Days of
Median # of Employees –
Ransomware Not Only a Challenge
for Large Organizations

source: Coveware Q42020 Report

How does Bitdefender GravityZone defeat Ransomware?

As an adaptive layered security solution, Bitdefender GravityZone provides multiple anti-ransomware capabilities, with all its layers working together for prevention, detection and remediation.

Bitdefender Unmatched Combination of Ransomware Defenses
Multiple Blocking Layers Endpoint and network, pre-execution and on-access, file-based and fileless
Multiple Detection Layers Process Inspection, Registry Monitoring, Code Inspection, Hyper Detect
Multiple Recovery Layers Effective rollback from local machine, remote system or security incident
Adaptive Defenses Advanced Anti-Exploit, Adaptive heuristics, tunable machine learning
Risk Mitigation Technologies Automatic vulnerability patching, system misconfigurations, user behavior
Tamperproof Backups No use of vulnerable shadow copies, ransomware can’t delete the backups
Remote Ransomware Blocking Blocks remote and network ransomware attacks and blacklists attacker IPs
Enterprise-Wide Cleanup Kill processes remotely, easy global file quarantine and removal
Outstanding Security Product
Outstanding Security Product 2020

Winner of the AV-Comparatives yearly award for outstanding results across the board including real world protection, performance, malware removal and low false positives.

AV-Comparatives January 2021

AV Test
Best Protection 2020 Endpoint Security

The AV-TEST Institute is recognizing "Endpoint Security" from Bitdefender with the Best Protection 2020 Award for its superb threat prevention.

AV-Test January 2021

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GravityZone Business Security Premium

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GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

The ultimate in advanced protection, detection, response and risk analytics. Designed to address the entire threat lifecycle.

Cloud Security for Managed Service Providers

Cloud Security for Managed Service Providers

Unified, highly effective Cloud and MSP Cybersecurity with Risk Analytics, Hardening, Next-Gen AV, EDR and MDR.



Ransomware Prevention and Mitigation Technologies

How Bitdefender technologies can stop ransomware attacks and minimize ransomware damage.

Ransomware prevention and mitigation technologies

This video offers an overview of ransomware, and covers subjects including the ransomware kill chain and specific Bitdefender prevention and mitigation technologies that allow organizations to harden their defenses against ransomware and roll back the effects of a preliminarily successful ransomware attack.

The ‘New Normal’ State of Cybersecurity

2020 Business Threat Landscape Report

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Like it or not, it looks like ransomware is here to stay. And it keeps adding victims to its list.

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