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Suppress cyber attacks targeting medical data with Bitdefender’s industry-leading solutions

Healthcare cybersecurity solutions against modern cyber attacks

Healthcare cybersecurity solutions against modern cyber attacks

Healthcare registers 27% of data breaches, the largest volume compared to all other industries. Changes in the treat landscape in terms of the attack surface, threats and challenges brought forward by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the demand in remote services for patients and physicians, increased the complexity for IT security departments in healthcare. Many IT security departments are understaffed – with IT security roles taking 70% longer to fill compared to other industries.

Cybercriminals target healthcare records because they’re rich in confidential data and often vulnerable to compromise. Hackers pay up to $250 on for a single healthcare record on the black market. That is 50 times more than credit card records. The reason? Social Security numbers, Personally Identifiable Information, financial data and other valuable details they can use for identity theft are packed into a single patient record.

Features and benefits

Protect patient data. Strengthen compliance

Make the most of your IT security budget with Bitdefender’s powerful product suite, specifically engineered for healthcare organizations. Secure your electronic health records and your investment in medical devices with:

  • powerful machine learning
  • best in class endpoint detection and response
  • state of the art network traffic analytics
  • fast, time-saving patch management
  • full disk encryption and more!

Gain peace of mind with Bitdefender’s layered prevention and detection against:

  • advanced ransomware
  • polymorphic and fileless malware
  • data breaches, data theft, or accidental loss and other malicious hacking tactics.

Effectively handle new healthcare security challenges to maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI or NIST and avoiding regulatory sanctions.

Protect your entire range
of medical devices

Enforce a consistent security standardacross your entire infrastructure.

Use Bitdefender to effectively protect:

  • public cloud deployments
  • connected medical devices
  • desktop
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • smartphones
  • servers

Unlike traditional security solutions,Bitdefender covers specialized medical equipment.

Protect your long-term investmentin connected insulin pumps, MRIs and other medical devices with Bitdefender’s comprehensive security suite.

Integrate workflows.
Substantially reduce IT overhead

Empower your IT security team to automate repetitive tasks and make faster progress on key issues.

Minimize deployment, management and reporting timeby using a single agent. The central Bitdefender management console integrates all your physical, virtual, and cloud workloads.

Streamline your healthcare security tasks with Bitdefender and:

  • automatically respondto confirmed threats
  • reduce noisecaused by suspicious, unconfirmed alerts
  • make better decisions with market-leading endpoint detection and response

harness powerful network traffic analytics to identify and prioritize risks.

Best IT security for Healthcare Industry

Choose a top rated security provider

The healthcare industry is expected to spend $134 billion on cybersecurity by 2026 with many CISOs recognizing budgets need to be spent more effectively on security gap assessments compared to reactive and post breach tactics.

Half of healthcare organizations have increased spending on cybersecurity over the past 12 months and 66% plan to spend more over the next year.

Solving this imperative need becomes easier when you choose a leader in endpoint security.

At Bitdefender, we focus on helping you protect EHRs/EMRs against sophisticated attacks without burdening on your IT department.

Security industry authorities recognize our enterprise solutions for their ability to:

  • save management time
  • provide comprehensive protection
  • stop ransomware, phishing and targeted attacks
  • and secure specialized medical devices.

They trust Bitdefender to protect endpoints vital to patient care

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You make strategic security decisions.
We provide the context

Security vs. Compliance: Understanding the Difference Between Meeting Baselines and Following Best Practices.

Get a strong grasp on key issues in healthcare security that also impact your organisation.

Discover how regulators are keeping up with the expanding threat landscape and when it’s important to look beyond compliance to secure patient data.

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