GravityZone Security for Containers

Platform-agnostic, high-performance security for containers and Linux server workloads

Secure Linux and container deployments, including Docker and Kubernetes

Bitdefender GravityZone Security for Containers protects container and cloud workloads against modern Linux and container attacks by using AI threat prevention, Linux-specific anti-exploit technologies and context-aware endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Unlike other solutions, the Bitdefender endpoint agent for Linux does not require Linux-kernel components, enabling deployment of new distributions as soon as your organization wants to move to them without making your security a constraint.

With our platform-agnostic, high-performance workload security you will gain consistent visibility and control for all containers and workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Container and Linux servers security solution
Secure containers and Linux servers

Built for containers and Linux

Uses advanced prevention, detection and response technologies built to protect against Linux attack Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) and specific container attacks like “Container Escape”. Demonstrated security efficacy with 100% detection of attack techniques for Linux in the MITRE 2021 evaluations

Platform-agnostic security for all Linux distributions

Multi-distribution security

Eliminate Linux security compatibility challenges with a security agent that sits above the Linux kernel enabling you to deploy the latest Linux distributions faster, without the delay common with other vendor products that require kernel components

Take complete control with the best container security tool

Consistent visibility and control

The GravityZone cloud workload security platform uses a platform–agnostic, high performance agent and provides comprehensive visibility and control for all containers and workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Features and benefits

Container security and Linux security EDR shield
  • EDR built for Linux and container workloads
  • Detects threats in real time and enables quick response actions
Linux container security - protect against zero-day and advanced anti-exploits
  • Linux-specific Advanced Anti-Exploit
  • Blocks Linux kernel, application zero-day and known exploit attacks
Container security high-performance low overheat cybersecurity agent
  • Platform-agnostic, high performance security agent
  • Ensures minimal resource impact, simplifies operations, boosts cloud ROI
Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) mapped to MITRE for Linux
  • Attacker TTPs mapped to MITRE for Linux
  • Hones in on Linux-specific threats and displays context-rich information
Incident reporting and forensics for container security
  • Context-aware incident reporting and forensics
  • Empowers security analysts to confidently begin investigations and focus the search early
GravityZone -  unified platform for containers and cloud workload protection
  • GravityZone unified platform for CWS and beyond
  • Supports unified visibility and control across all workloads, containers, OSs, and clouds

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GravityZone Security for Containers GravityZone Security for Containers

GravityZone Security for Containers

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