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With over half a billion protected devices and hundreds of patents issued in the past four years, our technology is present in more than a third of the world’s security solutions.

So, why not bundle it with yours? Not only will our best-in-class solutions attract more clients, but they’ll also give existing ones an incentive to renew. Our products can be pre-installed on your hardware, compiled into easily downloadable files or preloaded into any type of removable media.

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Top Rated Detection.
First-rate Reputation.

Supported by almost two decades of experience, our solutions analyze millions of pieces of malware and block over 50 million malicious URLs on a daily basis. Our strong track record of awards and certifications guarantee that Bitdefender is not only a top product, but also a well-recognized and trusted brand among consumers. By adding our logo to your existing collection of technologies you will reassure both your customers and your partners that security is high on your priority list.

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Free-of-charge Customer Support

Our products are usable out of the box, with no need for complicated installations or long-term assistance from your part. This means that, if your clients have any inquiries regarding the Bitdefender suite, we will provide them with free-of-charge support. Your customers can easily contact us by e-mail, phone, chat or through our forums and our team will gladly handle all technical assistance or payment questions.

Automated Revenue Tracking

Automated Revenue Tracking

Aside from the great value and solid reputation that will surely appeal to your customers, the Bitdefender product suite also comes with multiple advantages for you. Our platform allows sellers to easily track all transactions in real-time and see how each sale is going. Furthermore, returns will be automatically credited to the customer’s account where applicable, and you will receive a check for your sales at the end of each cycle.

End-to-end security solutions

End-to-end Solutions for All Your Needs

Ranging from the award-winning Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Security suites to our premium VPN, our solutions not only come in multiple formats, but also address a wide range of operating systems. Solutions such as Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac can make your device ransomware-proof while our mobile security suites for Android and iOS combine malware protection with anti-theft and VPN. Bitdefender supports multiple languages and each product can be packaged to meet your requirements.

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