Powerful Security Technology Stack for Gateway or Cloud-Based SDKs

Stop Threats from Becoming Attacks. Choose Our Gateway Security Solutions!

  • Comprehensive stack of software development kits (SDKs) that augment your gateway security offering.
  • Widely used by 150+ technology partners.
  • Consistent Top Rankings on AV-Test and AV Comparatives evaluations.
  • 100% detection rate in the real-world and 0 false positives in the AV-Comparatives 2019 Business Security Test.
Gateway security technology stack

Shield the Perimeter

Caution should never be in short supply when it comes to cyberattacks. Whether your Web or E-Mail secure gateway solutions are on-premises or cloud-based, our security technologies will augment your preventive capabilities by adding new layers of defense. This way, your customer’s infrastructure will be impenetrable and so will their confidence in your services!

  • Easy-to-integrate with your security solution, our award-winning Antimalware SDK scans email or web traffic for malicious content.
  • Our cloud-based filtering services can filter URLs using reputation and advanced categorization, as well as one of the most up-to-date malicious URL databases.
  • Our cloud-based antispam technologies can quickly and efficiently block email-based attack vectors.
Easy integration security stack

Integrate With Ease

Tested and used by hundreds of partners, our technology stack is easy to integrate whether you use our cloud services APIs or our SDKs. This means your go-to-market time will be significantly decreased and so will the client configuration process. Your customers will get the security they need and your revenue will get the boost you deserve.

  • Our Client/Server Antimalware SDK offers multiple integration options including built-in ICAP, SPAMD and CLAMD protocol.
  • Our cloud-based technologies ensure a very fast response time and maximum levels of detection.
  • Our cloud-based URL reputation services can be integrated through easy-to-use and flexible APIs.
Optimized security technology for speed

Speed is King

Corporate networks are constantly besieged by incoming data. A lot of hardware power is used to process it and, multiple times, latency becomes a given. This means time sensitive applications that require high quality network connections (like productivity suites or video conference apps) are often affected. This is why Bitdefender offers lean technologies that are tailored to meet the strict performance needs of gateway security solutions.

  • Bitdefender Stream Defender gives you high performance stream-based Antimalware capabilities.
  • Our solution supports high speed antimalware protection at Gigabit speeds.
  • Bitdefender SDKs are optimized to offer maximum protection without hindering users’ day-to-day productivity.

Applicable SDKs

Antimalware Client-Server SDK

The Bitdefender Client-Server Software Development Kit (SDK) allows quick integration of multiple Bitdefender security technologies, enabling partners to secure the perimeter at a gateway level. Our multi-layered, industry leading, security solution can be easily integrated into your services, with minimum resource consumption.

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  • Constantly filters web and email traffic by detecting threats at the gateway level.
  • Allows modular integration of antimalware, antispam, URL filtering, and Sandbox technologies.
  • Instantly detects ransomware, trojans, APTs, backdoors, spyware, adware, dialers, worms, rootkits, and other malicious application types.
  • Native support for multiple operating systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms) using the same API and protocol.
  • Provides an extra layer of security and autonomy by running in a separate process.
  • Multiple integration models available, including industry standard protocols such as ICAP and SPAMD.

Antispam SDK

The Bitdefender Antispam SDK scans partner-provided email messages and flags the content recognized as spam. For messages detected as spam, the SDK offers additional information, which can be used by the partner application to change the detection threshold. For better visibility, our SDK can also add specific headers into the email message, indicating spam status.

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  • Prevents real-time spam outbreaks using Bitdefender cloud technology.
  • Detection is updated every second and replicated around the world via the Bitdefender Global Protective Network.
  • High efficacy, with an extremely low number of false positives; if one or more filters detect spam characteristics, emails will be flagged accordingly.
  • Minimizes device footprint due to Thin Client technology.
  • No need for signature updates as all detection is performed in the cloud.
  • Easy portability using the same API for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Detailed SDK code samples that reduce time needed to integrate the SDK into any messaging solution.

URL Status Service

The URL Status service scans URLs supplied by the partner application against a dynamically updated cloud database to validate whether they pose a threat. URL Status is completely cloud-based. URL information is updated in real-time, with new malicious URLs, domains identified and processed by Bitdefender technologies, and additional intelligence gained from multiple sources.

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  • Easy-to-use and flexible APIs available for integration.
  • Fueled by Bitdefender Award winning Antimalware, Antispam, Antiphishing, and Antifraud technologies.
  • Always up-to-date via the Bitdefender Global Protective Network.
  • Also available as a hosted service in your infrastructure.

Web Filtering SDK

Bitdefender’s Web Filtering SDK gives partners effective URL and web-page category-based filtering capabilities, allowing them to develop solutions that categorize URLs and websites in real time and further facilitate web access monitoring and control. This lets partners successfully address customers’ concerns about security, while increasing employee productivity and freeing up valuable IT resources and network bandwidth.

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  • Broad coverage, including millions of relevant, active URLs and websites, in multiple languages.
  • 50+ domain categories, including high-risk ones (drugs, gambling, hacking, hate, illegal, porn etc.).
  • High-accuracy detection ensured by heuristic filtering coupled with signatures and URL blacklisting.
  • The combination of fast cloud URL lookups with a local database cache prevents any latency.
  • Offers around-the-clock cloud-based updates of web categories; domains are added or updated instantly.
  • Offers an easy-to-use cross-platform API that keeps the integration time to a minimum and is fit for a variety of use cases.

Online Threats SDK

The Online Threats SDK detects malicious, phishing, and fraudulent websites before they can expose your assets to a scam attack. It uses advanced local and cloud filters to analyze URLs and web page content and returns the verdict (clean, phishing, fraud etc.).
The SDK combines superior detection powered by advanced heuristics with cloud-based updates provided by the Bitdefender security cloud (Global Protective Network / GPN), which processes billions of website transactions daily. Using the GPN cloud ensures instant detection and/or updating of URLs and websites (even those that are live very briefly), as well as fast reaction to new attacks such as phishing outbreaks.

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  • The Online Threats SDK offers real-time protection from online cyber threats such as phishing and fraud attacks.
  • The combination of cloud and local filters ensures high-speed scanning and accuracy, with a very small footprint.
  • Advanced heuristic techniques ensure enhanced detection of phishing attempts and outbreaks.
  • Malicious URLs are updated in real time using the Bitdefender cloud (Global Protective Network).
  • Offers a simplified, easy-to-use cross-platform API that ensures a quick and easy integration process.
  • Proven proprietary technologies, extensively used in the Bitdefender portfolio of products and SDKs.

Sandbox for Advanced Threats

A powerful layer of protection against stealthy attacks, the Sandbox service analyzes suspicious files in depth, detonates payloads in a contained virtual environment, analyzes their behavior, reports malicious intent and provides actionable insight.
The Sandbox service acts as a “real target environment” for potentially malicious files, where everything is carefully crafted so threats act as they would in the wild, making it a powerful tool against targeted malware attacks and malware infiltration.

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  • Provides advanced threat protection and zero-day exploit detection.
  • Utilizes Bitdefender Global Protective Network intelligence to detect malware.
  • Leverages purpose-built, advanced machine learning algorithms, aggressive behavior analysis, anti-evasion techniques, and memory snapshot comparison to detect threats.
  • Analyzes a broad range of targets (emails, documents, application files...).
  • Delivers in-depth reporting on malware behavior and enables early visibility into valuable indicators of compromise (IOC).
  • Helps uncover malicious files including polymorphic and other threats designed for undetectable targeted attacks.
  • s extremely easy to integrate; no effort needed to install and set-up locally, as it is a web service.

Bitdefender Streamdefender

The perfect complement for standard security solutions, Streamdefender allows businesses to add high speed and low latency antimalware threat protection to perimeter, network, or gateway devices. Streamdefender is not bound by architecture, CPU processing power or system memory and will flawlessly protect your network at Gigabit speeds.


  • Hardware or software platform independent.
  • Stream-based malware scanning.
  • High-speed throughput with hardware acceleration.
  • Flexible database, customizable to meet detection or performance requirements.
  • Small device footprint.

Sandbox Analyzer on Premise

Deployable as a virtual appliance and managed via a rich UI, the On-Premise packaging of the Sandbox Analyzer environment provides an additional layer of security, focused mainly on threat hunting and forensics. Unlike a cloud service, the On-Premise deployment allows for total control of the detonation environment used for malware analysis, enabling OEM partners to determine the specifics of the overall environment and corresponding software used to analyze files and apps. Currently supported on the VMWare ESXi environment, deploying the solution via a virtual appliance allows unlimited scalability given the limits of physical underlying hardware.

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  • Deployed as single management VM on dedicated physical host.
  • Uses VMFS version 5, tested on ESXi 6.5, 6.7.
  • Orchestration and high-level management via on-premise instance of Gravity Zone Control Center.
  • Requires the underlying physical host to offer at least 12cores/24 threads and 64GBs of RAM plus 1TB of usable SSD storage for minimal deployment (sandbox manager + 2 detonation slots).
  • Supports Windows 7 & Windows 10 as base for golden imaging and detonation VMs (64 bit only).

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