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Pre-packaged Antimalware Solutions

On the highly competitive security market, building an antimalware solution from scratch can be a burden on your resources. So, why not go for an established one? Bitdefender has a large number of award-winning antimalware solutions that are just waiting for your logo! And the best part? You don’t need advanced security knowledge to make them your own.

Simply tailor our solution’s look to match your company’s style by adding your fonts, logo, and colors and that’s it. You have now added a premium security solution to your portfolio for all your customers and prospects to buy!

See why no antimalware expertise is required when using white-label or private label solutions

No Antimalware Expertise Required

You don’t need to hire security experts or researchers to configure your new product. Our antimalware solutions can be tailored to all your company’s needs, from individual to business packages. Our team has already done the hard part: all you have to do is enjoy the new flow of customers!

  • Our solutions are certified by 15 years of industry experience, 3 successive Product of the Year awards, as well as numerous other certifications.
  • Our Private and White Label solutions do not require advanced setup or additional staff.
  • The packages do not require separate promotion, as they can be easily integrated into your existing offer.
Expert showing how Bitdefender's rebrand solution is integrated for Windows products

Windows Rebranded Solutions

Choose from a set of easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use predefined packages that are compatible with the latest Windows version. Select the packages that best meet your customers’ security requirements and start selling your solutions now!

  • Get additional revenue with minimal investment.
  • Benefit from top of the line technology with no research costs.
  • Increase brand loyalty with highly effective products.
Expert showing how Bitdefender's rebrand solution is integrated for Windows products

macOS Rebranded Solution

Select a product that compliments your Windows product line and offer your customers a comprehensive macOS antimalware solution. Ensure your prospects that their data will be safe from phishing and ransomware, regardless of what OS they prefer.

  • Tap into new markets with ease.
  • Offer increased coverage across multiples operating systems.
  • Increase confidence in your offer.
Security for all Android mobile devices

Mobile Rebranded Solution

The Android device market is the fastest growing in the world, with an estimated billion devices shipped worldwide. Smartphones and tablets are constantly being used to access sensitive information, from bank accounts to confidential company data. So why not tap into a market that is in constant need of security?

  • Protect against mobile malware and data theft.
  • Offer device agnostic security.
  • Get a new prospect base.
White label or Private Label easy integration schema for you connected endpoints under a business security platform

Endpoint Client Security
Rebranded Solution

Offer your customers a business platform, one that allows them to manage and implement an enterprise-level antimalware solution and control it from a central point. Based on leading antimalware technology, the endpoint client security product provides a lightweight, best-of-breed technology that protects users from advanced malware threats.

  • Offer a truly advanced enterprise solution.
  • Protect your customers and your customers’ customers.
  • Provide your customers with a great gateway into your other enterprise products.

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